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Dragon Ikka

Japanese Akabeko ( Red Cow ) Mask UNSEX

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Akabeko Mask 

Aka = Red

Beko=Aizu area Fukushima prefecture, Japan dialect 

Akabeko is a legendary Cow from the Aizu region of Japan, who inspired a traditional Toy. Aizu legend claims that the toys are based on a real cow used to build the Enzō-ji temple of Yanaizu area in the ninth century.

The toy is made out of two pieces of Paper mache-covered wood, shaped and painted to look like a red cow or ox. One piece represents the cow's head and neck and the other its body. The head and neck hangs from a string and fits into the hollow body. When the toy is moved, the head thus bobs up and down and side to side. The earliest akabeko toys were created in the late 16th or early 17th century.

Over time, people came to believe that the toys could ward off smallpox and other illnesses. Akabeko has become one of Fukushima prefecture's most famous crafts and a symbol of the Aizu region. It has also been recognized as a symbol of the larger Tohoku region, of which Fukushima Prefecture is a part


-Outside : 100% Polyester Microfiber , Inside: 100% Cotton Ringspun Triple layer including filter holder.


-Everlasting all stretchable for maximum ear comfort

-Perfect face fit

-Washable and Reusable include washable filters

-Easy for breathing

-This is not a medical grade mask

-This is not a surgical mask.


- Adult UNISEX 7 3/4” x 5”

-Lightweight, breathable fabric makes it possible to wear the mask all day without feeling uncomfortable.

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*If you need something special please let us know. All sales are final, no exchange, no returns.