Artist - Yasuko

My artist journey started from a little art exhibit in Short North Columbus. 
I was inspired by people. People with Kanji Tattoos. 

Growing up in Japan, Calligraphy was my passion since I was 9 years old.

We Japanese learn Japanese calligraphy in elementary school.

My mother taught me how to make calligraphy ink using “Sumi block” and “Water” as authentic way at home.

It was a challenge until water became very deep black ink for my mother to give me an approval to get started to write words.
My father was a semi professional photographer who also loved Sumie art with blush on the rice paper.

He showed me how to use water to make all different shades of Black colors.

I still remember when he was drawing a dragon in front of me when I was a little kid. It was like a magic to me!

Kanji is a form of character and I've never looked at it as an Art.
After moved to USA, I started writing names in Kanji for co-works and friends, then next thing you know people requested me to write for their friends and family as a gift. 
I wanted to create something that is One Of a Kind so I made each one of them by my own hands.
Each one of them has a story to tell.
Behind all of my art pieces and jewelry has someone's laughter, tears, wish and hopes.
Dragon Ikka is growing by customers and fans because they are my fuel. Their story inspires me to make the next piece. 
What's your story?
I would love to transform your energy in to my art. 

One Love
Yasuko Jameson  Artsit/Owner 
Dragon Ikka